Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I hope you find that my images convey the inspiration and the beauty of nature. For me, I feel fortunate not only to have captured these images, but to have experienced them as they happened.

I have always had an interest in photography, and being a gadget person, I embraced digital photography from its onset. After a series of point and shoot cameras, in 2004 I procured a Canon SLR, a 500mm lens, and signed on for a photo workshop at Bosque del Apache led by Arthur Morris. After the first "blastoff" of thousands of Snow Geese at 5 AM (and at a chilly 15 degrees) I was hooked. Birds became my main subject for my photography

I am now a Nikon shooter and I am exploring the world of mirrorless cameras with the Olympus Micro 4/3 system.  

Photography has led me into my present business, Outdoor Photo Gear, an online store supplying gear and accessories for the outdoor mobile photographer. Please check it out for all kinds of unique gear and an informative blog.  We have a great team of photographers and great customer service.

The combination of both the retail side and the artistic side of photography has resulted in an interesting perspective! Participation in photo workshops, both as an attendee and a co-leader, has provided me the opportunity to experience a wonderful variety of birds, places and photographers.

In addition to Artie, I count Alan Murphy, Rick Sammon, Jack Graham, Bill Fortney,  Scott Goldsmith and E. J. Peiker as my main influences and inspiration. Please see my "links" page for these photographers' websites and for their workshop information.

Please visit Outdoor Photo Gear so I can  go places and shoot!

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